Project Info.

Project : 新文化青年的一日大稻埕-大稻埕文化地圖
Client : 新臺灣新文化運動紀念館
Graphic Design: 林慧秋 Chofy Lin

關於 大稻埕文化地圖

〈新文化青年的一日大稻埕〉是紀念「臺灣新文化運動紀念館」修建後重新開放的地圖設計。內容針對紀念館所在的大稻埕周邊地區,以「現代21世紀 Vs.過去20世紀」的知識文青為主角,介紹從過去到現在,知識青年們如何在大稻埕地區活動。


A new cultural day tour in Dadaocheng for youngsters – Dadaocheng Map

“A new cultural day tour in Dadaocheng for youngsters”’ is a project designed to commemorate the reopening of the ‘Taiwan New Cultural Movement Memorial Museum’. The content focuses on the surrounding Dadaocheng area, featuring the intellectual youth of the “modern 21st century Vs. the past 20th century”, introducing how young people move around the Dadaocheng area from the past to the present.

We use this to create a one-day tour map, highlighting the historical sites of the area. The map has been translated into Chinese, English and Japanese so that visitors from abroad can join this literary journey. The map is available at the Taiwan New Cultural Movement Memorial Museum and neighbouring sites.

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