Project Info.

Project : 台灣虎爺的故事 新年禮盒
Client : 銀海設計
Graphic Design: 林慧秋 Chofy Lin

關於 台灣虎爺的故事 新年禮盒


2022年是中國農歷的 “虎年”。我們以台灣傳統信仰中的神祇「虎爺」為主題創作了一組系列作品。它包括一本經典的折頁書和一套五個紅包。




“The Story of Taiwan Tiger God” is a New Year gift set. It is both practical and culturally communicative.

2022 is the “Year of the Tiger” in the Taiwanese Lunar Calendar. We have created a series of works based on the theme of the tiger god in Taiwanese tradition. It includes a classical book with folded pages and a set of five red envelopes.

The book “The Story of Taiwan Tiger God” is a detailed account of the origin of the legend of the Tiger God in Taiwan. We have used both Chinese and Taiwanese languages to present the content, and also added infographic design to help explain the story. We set this book as a parent-child book, hoping that through this book, readers can gain a deeper understanding of Taiwan’s local culture.

The “red envelope” is a gift that people in Taiwan must use during the New Year. We have extracted five representative blessings of the tiger god from the storybook, including that the tiger god can bless health, bring wealth, and protect children. These blessings are illustrated on the red envelope and made into a pop-up card, turning the red envelope into another kind of story carrier.


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